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City of Richmond Department of Economic & Community Development 

Richmond: Virginia's Working Capital

The Department of Economic & Community Development (ECD ) is responsible for and dedicated to building the Richmond economy through both traditional economic development and neighborhood revitalization programs with the goals of:  

  • Encouraging the long-term growth and development of Richmond’s job base and workforce;
  • Cultivating a diverse and sustainable business community;
  • Growing career, business, and entrepreneurship opportunities for Richmond residents;
  • Fostering viable mixed-income residential neighborhoods;
  • Maximizing the city’s assets and advantages without compromising the health of its neighborhoods and residents.

ECD offers a set of services to businesses interested relocating or expanding in the city of Richmond and sparking growth in strategic commercial corridors and historic neighborhoods. To review our services, please click here or contact us today.

Política de la Ciudad de Richmond sobre la Equidad en la Vivienda:
Haga clic aqui para ver la Politica de la Ciudad de Richmond sobre la Equidad en la Vivienda, en espanol.

City of Richmond's Fair Housing Policy:
Click here to view the City's Fair Housing Policy in English.

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City of Richmond
Economic & Community Development

Main Street Station
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