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The City of Richmond Department of Economic & Community Development is comprised of  Real Estate Services, Economic Development, Financial Strategies, and Housing & Neighborhoods functions.  With questions related directly to the specific function areas of ECD, please contact the respective team leader below.

Lee Downey, Director

With over twenty years of experience in economic development at the local, regional and state level, as well as in the private sector, Lee understands the needs of the business community and how to work through the government process.

Contact Lee today with your company location questions.


Phone: 804.646.5633

Jane C. Ferrara, CCIM, Chief Operating Officer, Business Attraction, Retention & Expansion

Jane's expertise in commercial real estate transactions, honed over 30 years in private sector, allows her to anticipate the real estate needs of prospects and negotiate deals. 

Contact Jane today with your relocation and real estate needs.


Phone: 804.646.5633

Denise Lawus, Deputy Director, Neighborhood Revitalization

Denise has managed neighborhood revitalization programs in Philadelphia and  Richmond, leveraging federal and state resources to their fullest to revitalize urban neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

Contact Denise today for more information on city-wide neighborhood revitalization efforts.


Phone: 804.646.3975




Paul McClellan, Programs Administrator, Real Estate Development

As an architect with over 30 years of experience both at the state level and in private sector, Paul manages city-owned strategic property development as well as retail strategy development.

Contact Paul today to learn more about Richmond's plans for city-owned properties.


Phone: 804.646.3061


Betty-Anne Teter, Program Administrator, Business Retention & Expansion

With over 30 years of experience at the state level with the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development and the VEDP, Betty-Anne understands the needs of existing businesses in the city of Richmond.

Contact Betty-Anne today to learn how ECD can help your existing City of Richmond business.


Phone: 804.646.1823








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