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Richmond: Virginia's Inclusive Capital

On December 31, 2016, Levar M. Stoney was sworn in as Richmond's 80th mayor. Mayor Stoney, Richmond's youngest mayor at age 35, noted in his inaugural speech that while he had been urged to be patient, and wait for the right time to run for Mayor, he admitted that yes, he was impatient, and energized to build One Richmond and the time was now. Mayor Stoney noted that it is "opportunity time" in the city of Richmond, that the city is a welcoming and inclusive city and is on the rise at the national level. However, he also discussed the challenges that the city faces and his goal of lifting Richmond citizens out of poverty.

To do this, Mayor Stoney will be rolling out a comprehensive plan, which starts with significant investment in Richmond's future - it's students. Fiscal accountability and implementation of an efficient City Hall are additional targets of his Administration, beginning day one. "One City, One Richmond" is what Mayor Jones feels is the right city for students up to age 18, young adults, college students and young professionals, families, as well as retired individuals.  To ensure a sound quality of life for Richmond residents and fulfill Mayor Stoney's call to action of Richmond being "One City", Mayor Stoney's Administration has begun to build the foundation for a Richmond that offers a safe, supportive and culturally diverse environment with world-class education, high performance government operating with fiscal responsibility, access to health care, thriving economic development,, and inclusive and unique neighborhoods. 

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